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Mid-project discussions

The office redevelopment for Murray and Currie is one of our largest projects to date. Very tight timescales were made apparent from the outset with only 10 weeks allowed for the complete project including design, planning, engineers structural drawings, architectural drawings, building warrants, sourcing and ordering materials (specified steel, glass etc.),…

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Water-damaged walls


A good example of a typical issue within rented property where the single shower/bath area is subject to very high use. In this particular case the property was occupied by two single working professionals. This meaning the shower/bath area was used up to four times per day, with each tenant…

  • Quick turnaround within a tenanted property.
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Our client and the landlord of this three bedroom 1st floor flat on Port Street in Stirling had owned the property for many years. An elderly lady was the tenant here prior to our instruction to quote for complete refurbishment but her circumstances changed meaning that the property had become…

  • Refurbishment