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Chaptam Paton

Chatham Paton is our Premium property refurbishment and development service. We provide an all-inclusive service taking on projects of all varieties and sizes. Working closely with our architects and building consultants we offer a broad spectrum of information to our clients. We provide specified advice on legislation and requirements for structural and integral property works from building warrants and planning applications to design and advice.

Our portfolio includes a history of re-developing grand commercial premises as well as full residential property refurbishment and renovation. Modernising and enhancing properties is a passion our ours and we take great pride in all of our projects. We do not exclusively modernise properties, we regularly take on projects which have a specific aim – such as preparing properties to sell or rent as well as modifications to properties simply to meet building regulations.

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We offer a bespoke property renovation and refurbishment service.  We are able to plan every detail of a project with you and develop your vision into a reality.  We offer building consultancy and architecture services which ties in with our refurbishment projects, ensuring that your project is on the correct side of regulation and necessary warrants are obtained.   If you would like to personally discuss a renovation project please feel free to contact our office to set up a site meeting with David Paton.

Further to our property renovation service we also build extensions.  Coinciding with our building consultancy and architecture services we can take you through every step necessary to build property extensions or build separate constructions.

As we are able to offer a complete service for property investors looking to flip properties and for change-of-use projects we are open to opportunities to invest in properties which require value adding works jointly with some clients.  If you have an opportunity which you would like to discuss, please feel free to get in contact and set up a meeting with Neil Chatham.